Send me “ff+” and a character name and my character will react to finding and reading a graphic and sex-filled fanfiction of themselves and that character.


requested by anonymous as reversal to this meme.

Did Earth just shook? Did angels just fall? Sidestepping, it seemed as if the woman would slip, soon to regain her balance as her hands were desperate to find support and sit. Once settling down, she reallised how swallow and slow her breaths had grown, although her eyes were too focused on these three words, lost in a world that has broken down into a million pieces. Her lips trembled, ghostly her speech came through. ”…Good…” and a tear escaped down her cheek.

Nami had died

”…” Vayne did not answer at first. Only the facade of ignorance was woren on her face. ”She did…?” the question dessolved in the air…

Draven has died. I ripped his face off.


"…..has died." finish it in my ask.
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you don't need to reply this: (haha) I actually hate Vayne, although I like her mechanics, I can't play well w/ her because she's focused on basic attacks, and I'm horrible w/ this, but she makes a lot of plays that make me :OOO (oh god, why they feeded her?) SO, I think Lulu let Vayne SHOW her plays while keeping her alive! Hmmm If it's thresh w/ her, I think her plays will be a little bit of decreased ( I like thresh, anyway, K). even if she gaves an awesome series of kills!(boring ask sry)

//Nah, it’s fine. But, you see, it’s mainly Vayne’s power that made me love her and also helped me come to read her lore and make her my muse. Seeing how a marksman with literally just a late game (no burst, no geat crit, not as many escapes as others) can turn the whole game upside down just sealed the deal. Good supports of course help to build that late game Vayne, I personally preffer a support that will be poking hard so that we can catch them andf have early kills! :D So any support is good.


*heavy ronin breathing*


*heavy ronin breathing*


Dragonslayer vayne by Lnter

//holy shit man. that Talon mun is real neat tho

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